7 Questions that I’m Pretending you Asked

I haven’t seen you around much on YouTube.  What are you doing?

As some of you may know, Clay and I moved to a small town in the mountains where we are substitute teaching, but not getting much work.  While you’d think that would give me lots of time for YouTube, I’ve just added more projects to my plate.

I’m writing for reviewsoutdoors.com, and occasionally for campingforwomen.com.

More excitingly though, is that I’m planning a rebrand of the Last Grownup in the Woods.  New name, new website, new focus.

I’m also starting a new job next week.  It’s not full time, which is perfect.

So what is this new focus?

Well, I’ll be turning my focus to my writing.  I will still be making videos, and have some great ones up my sleeve, but the focus will be on education – wild edibles, wilderness skills, and cool nature stuff.  When I do trip videos, I will be keeping it educational.  No more filler fluff to fill in the spot to get weekly content out.  Basically, I don’t want anyone to watch a video, or read a blog post without learning something.  The videos will be less regular as researching, script writing, filming, finding supplementary media, and editing all take a lot of work.  Admittedly, I’ll probably throw in a gear review, because I am writing them.  Might as well put up a video.  My reviews will always be honest reviews with well-tested products.

Why change your name?  What will it be?


I’m not quite ready for the reveal, but I think it will be a better representation of my channel.  The Last Grownup in the Woods references Richard Louv’s The Last Child in the Woods.  I thought it was clever, but only a few people have gotten the reference.  Plus it is long and contains a made up word that might be interpreted as a spelling mistake.  Grown-up is really ugly though.  Actually, the new name will have a made-up word too.  I guess I like making up words.

When will this change take place?

It’s hard to say.  The wheels are turning, but mostly in my head.  I want to build up a few posts before I launch the new site.

Where is this all going?

Well, I think I’ve recently realized that making money with writing is easier than with video.  Plus, my mom says I’m good at it, so it must be true.  I do really want to become a career creator writing holds more possibilities.

That being said, I’m going to be focussing on growth, not money-making for the time being.  My blog and channel will remain unmonetized for the time being.

I would really love to turn my website into a travelling nature blog and learn my plants in other parts of the world.

Do you have anything else up your sleeve?

Besides arms?  I mentioned in a video a few months ago that I wanted to write a plant course about how to teach yourself plant ID.  That’s still on the dream list.  I’m also hoping to start doing putting my Leve No Trace master educator cert to use and start doing some workshops.

Oh ya, fiction!  I’d love to write a novel.  I have a pretty awesome plot semi-mapped out.

There is a much, much longer list, but you get the idea.

When are you going to put on your winter tires?

I needed a random question, and this has been coming up a lot in my own head.  Probably this weekend, but not if it’s raining.  As long as there is no snow in the forecast and I don’t need to leave town (because it’s now illegal to be without winter tires on the highways) I’ll probably put it off.

Or maybe I’ll get it done this weekend.











      • Thanks, Carley! After I wrote the question, I read your ‘About’ area and I learned you have had this in you since you were a little child. That is absolutely AWESOME!


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