The Creator


Hi, I’m Carley Fairbrother.  I’m a teacher, ex park ranger, and nature geek.  When I was little, I wanted to be one of those cool biologists that you see in nature documentaries who live in the mountains (or some other exotic wild place) and study animals (preferably frogs).  I was obsessed with wilderness survival.  The SAS Survival Handbook was my absolute favourite and I’d spend my summers marching around my parents five acres (which is a decent sized kingdom for an 8-year-old) finding food and cooking it up in the fire pit.

Living the dream watching these guys

When I started university, I started a biology degree only to discover that physics, chemistry, and calculus were pretty boring, so was sitting in classroom.  I dropped out and enrolled in a Fish, Wildlife, & Recreation program at British Columbia Institute of Technology.  It was a practical based program with plenty of field time.  I learned a whole lot about plants, soil, animals, and all sorts of nature stuff.  I even spent a summer in a mountain research camp studying the ubiquitous, but fascinating, Columbian ground squirrel -just like I’d always dreamed of.

The life of a ranger is tough

When I graduated, I worked in outdoor education for a few years before landing a backcountry park ranger gig in Dease Lake, a tiny, tiny town hours away from anything besides the Yukon border.  I got the chance to travel into some of BC’s most remote and wild parks (namely, Spatsizi Wilderness Plateau, Mt. Edziza. Tuya Mountain, and Stikine River provincial parks).  In the off seasons I’d travel or count salmon for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  It was a fun life, but nomadism gets tiring.

So, I set out to find a home for myself and decide that I missed outdoor education.  I decided to go back to school to get my education degree.  I moved around quite a bit because I couldn’t quite shake my nomadic tendencies, but settled down in BC’s Cariboo after I met my husband.  I am teaching mostly science and nature studies (with a bit of French and coding mixed in) to elementary students.  My husband is a teacher too, so we still get out on plenty of adventures.